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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/20/11

OK, now Chrome's starting to piss me off. The add-ons are mostly junk, there's no sidebar, and half of Google's services that are designed to work with their toolbar don't work with their own browser. Seriously, try to import Google Bookmarks with Chrome. It can't be done. This strikes me as extremely absurd. Chrome's been out for how long now? Still, it's lightweight and fast, so I'm mostly liking it -- idiotic Google-to-Google incompatibility aside. In any case, it's not IE, so there's that. Now here's the news...

House GOP have a plan to cut $2.5 trillion in spending. The rightwing blogosphere is super-excited. They shouldn't be. It's not going anywhere and the $2.5 trillion figure is pretty sketchy anyway.

The rightwing God Squad disses Mittens Romney.

Obama wins 2012.

Rick Santorum continues to be a dick.

Today's most meaningless poll.

Tremendous cache of fire arms fails to protect wingnut blogger from government oppression. Wingnut blogosphere is silent on the story.

Americans would rather have jobs than worry about the deficit.

Things may get very, very stupid in the healthcare reform repeal fight.

Finally, after beating people over the head with her for months and months, CNN examines the causes of "Palin fatigue." Yes, when people are sick of hearing about Sarah Freakin' Palin, it's the Fourth Estates job to wonder why -- and, in the meantime, talk about Sarah Freakin' Palin. It's all very postmodern and meta.
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