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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/23/11

I've been going crazy with the bread machine lately. Made a loaf of white that was really crusty and some whole wheat dinner rolls. Sometime next week, deep dish pizza. Now here's the news...

Record a cop, go to prison.

Obama to stress centrism in State of the Union address, because wandering down the middle of the road's been working so great for him. Mitch McConnell preemptively refuses to follow suit.

Clarence Thomas has himself a little ethical -- and legal -- problem. But c'mon, can we really expect a Supreme Court Justice to know ever jot and tittle of the law?

In related news, Thomas and Scalia share another ethical problem.

Vermont may eliminate "corporate personhood."

WikiLeaks has released only 1% of the diplomatic cables they have. So much for the idea that they're just publishing stuff willy-nilly.

Finally, it's an ego explosion: Michelle Bachmann to deliver her own State of the Union response, regardless of who her party has chosen to do it.
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