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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/5/11

I guess there was some big to-do at the capital today. Something about changing guards and crap like that -- who even knows? All I want to know is, have the Republicans fixed the economy yet? No? Then I'm going to keep asking until they do, Now here's the news...

Democrats unveil their filibuster reform package. Since all spending bills originate in the House, this Senate rejiggering comes just as we need it least. Better late then never? Barely.

The man who passes for the GOP's economic whiz, Paul Ryan, admits he hasn't given specific cuts in spending any thought at all.

A murdered former Bushie found in a landfill was also an arsonist.

In contrast to Republicans' supposed "fiscal responsibility," repealing healthcare reform would cost hundreds of billions of dollars -- just to return us to square one.

Krugman sees that other pundits are only now discovering that Republicans don't give a damn about deficits and spending. The short version: "I told you so."

WikiLeaks releases a document showing that Israel practices economic warfare on Gaza. File under "No Shit, Sherlock."

First they let gays come to CPAC, now Muslims. What's the world coming to? It's getting so that conservatives are in danger of being called almost tolerant and WorldNetDaily is not having it!

Another freshman Republican comes out against raising the debt ceiling, despite being clearly ignorant about what that means.

Finally, Matt Taibbi bludgeons freshly-minted Speaker Boehner with his own comically oversized gavel.

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