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Friday, January 07, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/7/11

Thank the steady, inexorable march of time it's Friday, huh? Now here's the news...

Fox News fights back against a study that found the network made viewers dumb. Unfortunately, they go about it by lying, thereby making people dumber.

Looks like Rudy Giuliani may have an appetite for getting his ass kicked again in '12. Nate Silver notes the lack of Giuliani Fever among the electorate. Shelly Bachmann may also have a hankering for an ass-whuppin'.


News from the GOP's War on Math: following a preliminary report yesterday that repealing healthcare reform would add $230 billion to the deficit, the Congressional Budget Office comes out with final numbers. "Extrapolating the estimated budgetary effects of the original health care legislation and accounting for the effects of subsequent legislation," they now report, "CBO anticipates that enacting H.R. 2 would probably yield, for the 2012-2021 period, a reduction in revenues in the neighborhood of $770 billion and a reduction in outlays in the vicinity of $540 billion, plus or minus the effects of forthcoming technical and economic changes to CBO's and JCT's projections."

The big takeaway Republicans want for you, as explained by a banner American Spectator headline: "BREAKING: CBO Says Repealing ObamaCare Would Reduce Net Spending by $540 Billion."

The problem: reduction in revenue of $770 billion minus reduction in outlays of $540 billion equals $230 billion added to the deficit -- exactly the same amount as the preliminary report. It's just a confirmation of what they've already said. Either conservatives can't read or they can't do math. Seriously, look at how mental they're getting over this. Damn, these fuckers are dumb. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Americans are pretty much split on repealing healthcare reform, which means -- no matter what they do -- Republicans have set themselves up to piss off half of America. That's called "strategery."

Republicans say "job-killing" this or that a lot. But it turns out that repealing healthcare reform would kill 400,000 jobs. Add "ironic" to "ridiculous," "strident," and "demagogic" the next time you think about the title of that repeal bill: "The Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act."

Finally, Texas proves that Republican economic theories suck.

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