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Friday, February 04, 2011

News Roundup for 2/4/11

Fox isn't having anything to do with Satan's Bible!

-Headline of the day-
"Attention Fox Nation: There Is More Than One Version Of The Bible"

Fox News' site Fox Nation is always on the lookout for something that President Obama has completely screwed up. When they find something, they put it on the site with a big banner headline and then all the wingnuts come and laugh at it. Hahaha! Silly president!

Today's big headline is "Obama Botches Bible Verse at Prayer Breakfast." Seems that the crazy president cited a Bible verse and screwed it all up! Hahaha! So they put up the story and everyone had a good laugh.

There's only one problem: the President didn't actually screw anything up. Where Fox checked the King James version of the Bible, Obama quoted the New International Version. Media Matters caught Fox's flub and put it up at their website for everyone to laugh at.

Now some of that laugh traffic is spilling over to Fox Nation, where everyone and their brother is joining in on the comment thread to tell them they're all wrong and stupid and what are they drunk?

So, has Fox corrected or retracted the story? Of course not. They're Fox.

It's not like they give a crap about accuracy. (Media Matters)

-Maybe he's trying to drum up business-
Rand Paul was the sole GOP vote against a bill that makes it illegal to try to blind a pilot with a laser pointer. No, really. Seems Randy's fine with people trying to crash planes from their backyard and anyone who wants to make that illegal are engaging in government overreach.

And, of course, Randy's an ophthalmologist. And any pilot who survives the attempt on their life would probably need to see an eye doctor.

But I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. Reading over the Constitution, it's easy to see that shooting lasers into the eyeballs of jet pilots is clearly what the founders intended. (Politico)

-Bonus HotD-

"Republicans totally, totally focused on jobs."

Except, as Laura Conway points out on Rachel Maddow's blog, they really aren't. (Maddow Blog)
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