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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

News Roundup for 2/8/11

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-Headline of the day-
"CNN Poll: Republicans want winner over ideology in 2012."

Turns out that ideological purity isn't super-important to the teabagging right. Who knew? What they want is someone who can win, because Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the worst president ever and anything would be better than that commie!

At least, that's what Republican respondents told survey takers for a CNN poll. According to the report, "nearly seven out of ten Republicans say they would prefer a GOP presidential nominee who can top Obama in the next election, with 29 percent saying a nominee who agrees with them on every issue that matters the most is more important."

Republicans being open minded! It's a miracle!

Except, they aren't. When asked who they'd support for president, the three top vote-getters were Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Mittens Romney.

You know, real middle-of-the-road types. (CNN)

-Yeah, is this the number for tech support?-
Came across this on reddit today:

"ERROR INSTALLING FREEDOM - Please remove 'Mubarak' and try again"
Click for full image

Sums everything up nicely, I think. (Reddit)

-Bonus HotD-
"Rep. Posey Can't Say If He Takes Govt. Health Care Because He Doesn't 'Know' If He's 'A Federal Employee'

So, not only doesn't Bill Posey know that, yes, he's a fed employee, but he doesn't know whether or not he has health insurance.

Good job, voters of Florida's 15th district. You really picked a winner here. (ThinkProgress, with video)
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