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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/10/11

Coming up on the weekend, which means I have to think about how to use my sourdough again. I hate throwing starter down the drain, so maybe I'll take another shot at pancakes -- the last batch was a little thin, but good, and I think I know how to correct my recipe if I need to again. Then again, I could always make a loaf and freeze it. Or give it away. Now here's the news...

For a supposedly brilliant guy, Barack Obama can sometimes make some seriously fuckwitted decisions.

Mubarak trolls Egypt by starting a rumor that he's going to resign, scheduling a big speech, then announcing he's not going to resign. No wonder they want him gone. He's just a dick. Needless to say, wingnuts believe this is all Obama's fault.

Sarah Palin proves that hypocrisy isn't lethal by calling Rick Santorum "uninformed" and a "knuckle dragging Neanderthal" without dying.

Donald Trump, trying to appear as if he has the political chops to make a presidential run, plays wonk by making the easiest call in the world.

Erick Erickson will no longer be silent about the Homosexual Menace residing within the Republican Party itself! Now would be a good time to point out that CNN pays this guy to say stuff on teevee, like he's a smart person.

The Economist dumps all over the GOP's economic plans and -- in particular -- their pretend budget genius, Paul Ryan.

Nancy Pelosi isn't putting up with the GOP's plans to attack a woman's right to choose.

Rep. Peter King is crazy.

After the wingnuts throw a hissy, House Republicans again promise to make $100 billion in cuts -- with no freakin' clue how to get there.

Finally, Rand Paul gets booed at CPAC for suggesting that maybe we're wasting money on a cold war military, when there isn't an actual cold war going on. And Cheney and Rumsfeld get booed for being warheads. The base is splintering.
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