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Friday, February 18, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/18/11

I'm in Madison, which seems like the center of the universe right now. It's not, it just feels that way. Just sayin'. Now here's the news...

Massive, sustained protests in Wisconsin have the corporate right running scared. Tens of thousands descend on the capitol day after day and something simply must be done. The rabble cannot be allowed to challenge the elite.

So it's wingnuts to the rescue. Andy Breitbart and a few other rightwing nutjobs are putting together a counter-protest tomorrow and it's looking less than impressive. An "I Stand with Scott Walker" Facebook page promises 1,774 attending, as of this writing, and that's the result of optimism. In contrast, the pro-union folks have been averaging about 25-30,000 daily.

Here's the thing though. If I know anything about Andy Breitbart, he's not going to be here to make a show of strength, but to try to make the union folks look bad. This means we'll probably be looking at a few hundred assholes trying to pick a fight. My advice; when they make some jerkass comment or give you a little shove, go ahead and laugh at their pathetic numbers and let it go at that. It's going to be the first weekend protest, so expect the pro-union numbers to be even bigger. We'll have nothing to prove, so don't let Breitbart's agent provocateurs get under your skin.

Other stuff hapenned too. For example, House Republicans voted to shut down Planned Parenthood, because that's going to create jobs or something. If you're a woman and you voted Republican, enjoy a smoke, because you just screwed yourself.

Nancy Pelosi says a government shutdown is probably in the works.

Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman to retire.

Middle eastern autocrats launch a violent crack down on protesters.

Finally, Joe Klein writes one surprisingly idiotic piece on Wisconsin.
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