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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/19/11

So I wake up this morning, open the city's only print daily, and discover that coverage of the protests here are about 75% anti-union BS. It's not surprising, since the Wisconsin State Journal has always been the city's conservative paper, completely out of step with the community it serves. From now on, get your Madison protest news from The Capital Times. It's got top-flight reporting, it's updated throughout the day, and the price is right -- free. Give them your traffic. Now here's the news...

Speaking of the CapTimes, the paper is reporting that the right is painting protests in Madison as "riots" and "chaos in the streets." Bullshit, it's a love fest here and family-friendly. Wanna free bratwurst?

In related news, Gov. Scott Walker's starting to lose the support of the business community. That ought to give him pause.

A leaked book manuscript from a former Sarah Palin aide tells us what we pretty much already know about her days as governor -- and about her today -- Palin is venal, vindictive, and knowingly broke the law.

Just a reminder: Arizona still has an actual, honest-to-goodness government death panel and Republicans love it.

I've been handing out this link to people for days. Now, One Wisconsin Now is distributing it too. Long story short, Wisconsin public employees are not overcompensated. Once again, math hates Republicans.

Gearing up for a big budget fight and almost certain government shutdown, President Obama puts education front and center. Smart move, if you ask me. Republicans don't seem to realize it, but people are real. I've long held that conservatives like people a lot more when they happen to be hypothetical.

Finally, new RNC chair Reince Priebus picks up where the last clown left off. He sends out a letter calling peaceful protesters in Madison "union thugs." Words mean things, Reince. Why do you hate the English language?
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