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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/26/11

Big rally at the Wisconsin capitol so, if you can make it, go. About 3 pm. Also, watch the news for a possible showdown between Scott Walker and police. I'm thinking Walker would probably succeed in clearing the capitol -- the crowds have been well-behaved so far -- but that it'll be bad PR for him.

Kaddafi's still an asshole.

Are Republicans getting weak-kneed over the prospect of a government shut down?

Newt Gingrich bangs the impeachment drum over Obama's refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. That'd be a huge disaster for Republicans, so of course, I encourage Newt to keep banging that drum. You'll be President of All Crazy People yet, Newt! Sarah Palin's fifteen-minute term has nearly ended. You'll just never be President of the United States.

Remember, when a Republican talks about how much they care about babies, they mean hypothetical babies. Once those babies become real, they couldn't give a big hot bowl of crap.

The Wisconsin 14 are not alone.

Finally, ThinkProgress schools Walker on history, Reagan, and unions. Learning the lessons of history is a good thing, Scooter. Learning lessons from revisionist history is dumb. One Polish word for you, Scott, "Solidarnosc."
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