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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/5/11

I'm making sourdough pancakes tonight. I've got some blueberries I need to use up and it's time to feed the starter, so breakfast for dinner it is. Now here's the news...

Top leaders in Egypt resign, but Hosni Mubarak remains in office. The Egyptian people say that's not good enough.

The White House backs a transitional government led by handpicked Mubarak puppet Omar Suleiman. I'm guessing this is backing the wrong horse. Especially seeing how he's just survived his first assassination attempt.

House Republicans decide to take on Planned Parenthood. And doing a shitty job of it. The next time a GOPer tells you they're completely focused on jobs, go ahead and laugh in their face.

As long as we're talking about Republicans and abortion, this is just awful. I sometimes wonder why Republicans aren't constantly ashamed of themselves.

This is likewise just awful.

Finally, if George W. Bush goes to Switzerland, they'll arrest him. So he ain't goin'.
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