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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/6/11

I guess there's some big bowl game today, which doesn't have anything to do with bowling. Anyway, the Green Bay is in on it, so all the people around here are dusting off our cheese hats. Also, it's snowing again. If we get much more, we'll have to start tunneling through it. The Super Bowl seems to be sucking up all the news time, so this is going to be short. Now here's the news...

What's going on in Egypt? Well, a lot of stuff, but mostly nothing new. Al Jazeera reports that the nation "remains at an impasse."

ThinkProgress has a really good post up on how the Ronald Reagan that Republicans worship as a god never actually existed.

In related news, a lefty caller schools Rush Limbaugh on Reagan -- beautifully.

Finally, Juan Cole gets Socratic on Egypt, asking a boatload of questions that are instructive in themselves.
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