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Saturday, September 24, 2011

News Roundup for 9/24/11

BLT's tonight, I think. Summer's quickly fading, but I've still got garden tomatoes. Now here's the news...

We're back to this again; old and stale, Rick Perry. Shiny and new, Chris Christie.

A federal John Doe investigation into campaign work surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appears to heat up as three witnesses are granted immunity. Judge Neal Nettesheim, who's overseeing the investigation explained that the grant of immunity "does not necessarily mean, imply or infer that those witnesses are suspected of, or guilty of, any criminal wrongdoing. Rather, it simply means that the witnesses asked for immunity, that the State chose to ask me to confer such immunity, and that I chose to grant the state's requests."

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have yet to condemn the boos of a gay soldier at the latest GOP debate. When Rick Santorum is out ahead of you in doing the right thing, you've really screwed things up.

A new poll finds Obama approvals through the floor -- although he still leads the entire GOP field. You've got to remember here, people saying they disapprove aren't saying they won't vote for him. If someone called me, I'd say I disapproved too -- because he makes bad deals that water down what could be effective policy. But that doesn't mean I'm going to vote for one of the Republican nutjobs.

Democrats make a big push behind the president's jobs bill. Steve Benen says the massive ad buy shows real commitment to the legislation.

Finally, proof that the NRA is just a collection of ideological clowns; top NRA nut Wayne LaPierre says that the fact that President Obama hasn't tried to take guns from Americans is proof that President Obama will try to take guns from Americans.
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