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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stories to Watch: 9/13/11

Leftovers tonight, which is actually awesome. It's like a smorgasborg inside my fridge. BBQ chicken? Grilled pork chops? Pasta with sauce and cheese? Various and sundry veggies? All of the above. Now here's the news...

How bloodthirsty and insane were the 'baggers at CNN/Tea Party Nation-sponsored GOP debate last night? So bloodthirsty and insane that it freaked out Rick Perry.

On a related note, Michele Bachmann's anti-HPV vaccine paranoia ("it makes kids retarded!") leaves no doubt that she doesn't even belong in congress, let alone the White House.

Poverty in the US is now up to 1 in 6 households, with unemployment being a driving factor. Clearly, austerity isn't going to help much. In fact, Krugman points out that we're already seeing austerity measures fail before our very eyes.

The White House wants Republicans to pass the entire Jobs Act -- unless of course, they don't want to. Which would be OK with the White House too. Way to stand your ground, Obama administration.

A woman of the not-white persuasion attempted to fly on an airline on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Long story short; not only did we totally overreact after 9/11, we're still doing it.

So far, the GOP debates have been good for Democrats; crazy enough for the base is probably way too crazy for the general electorate.

Finally, Rand Paul is a jackass.
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