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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Stories to Watch: 9/3/11

Woke up about 3:30 last night to a really impressive storm. Hard rain, wind, nearly constant thunder and lightning. The leading edge of the storm (which was probably what woke me) had gusts up to 60 mph. I stayed up for a while and watched it, then went back to bed. Woke up this morning do the whine of chainsaws. Nothing here, but it must've brought down branches all over the neighborhood. Now here's the news...

Paul Krugman writes that with the stimulus and aid to states run out, we're officially in the Age of Austerity so beloved by Republicans -- and that it's playing a big part in the current economic slowdown. Look at it this way; demand is people spending money. But people aren't spending money. And cutting government spending only reduces demand. It won't do a damned thing to help the economy, it'll do the opposite. Duh.

According to new documents released by Human Rights Watch, the Bush administration outsourced some of its "harsh interrogation" -- read "torture" -- to Moammar Qaddafi's goon squads. Someone needs to jam that fact in Dick Cheney's face while he's plugging that pile of BS he calls a book.

President Obama urges congress to pass the transportation bill, so we can continue to have something approximating a developed nation's infrastructure. Needless to see, this is the worst thing ever!

The editor-in-chief of a peer reviewed science journal resigns in disgrace. His sin? Publishing a "fundamentally flawed" paper by climate science denier Roy Spencer. This illustrates just how bad the deniers' "science" actually is.

Despite what you may have heard, not all libertarians are enamored of Ron Paul.

Black unemployment is now the highest it's been in 27 years.

Wingnut columnist Matthew Vadum is just the very worst kind of American.

Finally, Sarah Palin's coquetry continues. Got to milk that 16th minute of fame for all it's worth.
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