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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/11/11

Shorty today. It's Sunday, for one, which is always light in the best case. For another, everything seems to be about last night's debate. Since you can get debate coverage just about anywhere, I'm going to play clean up with mostly other stories. Now here's the news...

Being reported everywhere: new NBC News-Marist polls show Newt Gingrich opening up a big lead over Mitt Romney in S. Carolina and Florida. Under-reported everywhere: the same polls show that President Obama would beat either in both states. Part of the reason (in S. Carolina at least) is probably that Tea Party Gov. Nikki Haley sucks. I doubt Florida's Rick Scott's approvals are any better.

Newt Gingrich is seen as the winner of last night's GOP debate, by virtue of not losing.

Climate talks in Durban reach a deal -- a pointless deal that doesn't solve the problem.

Mitch McConnell tells a hilarious joke: "Look, [the Republican Party is] not here to defend high-income people." Stop it, Mitch! You're killing me!

Christian nutjobs are staging home invasions, kidnappings, and assaults to spread the glorious Love of Christ and the Word of the Prince of Peace.

Michele Bachmann reached adulthood at the age of 5. That's what she says, anyway.

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