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Monday, December 12, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/12/11

I'm starting to get a little antsy about snow. We should have some by now, but we've barely had a flake. If we're going to have a white Christmas, the weather 'd better get a move on. Now here's the news...

And so it begins; Newt and Mittens are busy kicking the crap out of each other before a single primary vote has been cast. Bonus; they're both on the money. Romney calls out Newt for being a Freddie Mac lobbyist, so Newt points out that Mittens was in the job-destroying business at Bain. In the end, the big winner in this fight may be Obama.

Batshit insane hate-radio host Michael Savage offers Gingrich $1 million to drop out. The big news here; Michael Savage claims to have a spare million bucks.

Fox News is a transparent propaganda operation. They're barely even trying to hide it.

Sarah Palin refuses to accept that her 15 minutes of fame are over.

Newt Gingrich is a typical Republican in at least one aspect; he believes everyone needs to freak out over something that's never going to happen.

Krugman comes out saying we're in a global depression.

Arizona's "no Hispanics allowed" law will go before the Supreme Court.

Mittens had an uncomfortable conversation with a 63 year-old vet -- and it was beautiful.

Also from Romney; he keeps saying he wants to keep America from becoming like Europe, while pushing the same policies that are currently failing so spectacularly there.

Finally, Politico's Ben Smith moves to... Wait, what? Yup, BuzzFeed.

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