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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/27/11

Everyone have a good holiday? Mine was pretty good. The food was awesome. Now here's the news...


Digby is not happy with Ben Nelson. While it's a setback for Democrats' effort to retain control of the senate, I don't think it's the disaster she thinks it is. I'm with Chris Cillizza on this one; "The Nelson retirement isn’t good news for Senate Democrats. But it is far from a death blow to their hopes of retaining the majority either."

I bring up Digby's post for a reason, though; she's happy to see Nelson go, she's just unhappy with the consequence. The other side of the coin is Michelle Malkin, who's likewise happy to see Nelson go. My point is a simple one -- when you try to play on both teams, everyone thinks you're a dick. And rightly so. It's a shitty way to save your political hide, as the fact that he's no one's hero so thoroughly demonstrates. Pick a side and fight for something other than your own reelection.


Gingrich's past support of "Romneycare" comes back to haunt him. Not sure who's to blame for this one, since you could argue that it hurts Romney as much as Newt.

Ron Paul didn't always deny having written those racist newsletters.

Is it time to do away with the debt ceiling altogether?

Righty and lefty bloggers agree on one thing; SOPA is awful and must die. I doff my cap to my otherwise crazy-assed brethen on the other side of the digital divide.

If you ever wondered if Newt Gingrich was legitimately insane, this will probably seal the deal. It also reinforces my personal belief that people who wear bowties are almost always evil.

North Carolina's concealed carry law is a dismal failure.

Finally, this is quickly becoming a pet peeve with me; Politico runs a story about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker complaining about recall laws. That's fine. If Walker wants to talk smack about the rules, that's legit news. But nowhere in the piece is any mention of the fact that Walker got his previous job as Milwaukee County exec in a recall under the same laws he hates so much now. This opportunistic flip-flop is an important part of the whole recall story and nearly every national outlet misses it every time. In my opinion, that's journalistic malpractice.

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