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Friday, December 23, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/23/11

Happy Holidays, everyone. Now here's the news...

New Republic has a collection of crazy-assed writings from Ron Paul's newsletters. Paul says he didn't write them, but so what? It's like we're supposed to believe that people snuck in stuff without his knowing about it.

Why does anyone take Charles Krauthammer seriously?

When it comes to the bullshit Mitt Romney's been spreading lately, the media's doing what the media always does about rightwing lies -- pretty much nothing. Joe Biden, on the other hand, isn't as willing to let lies slide.

The Justice Department takes on South Carolina's voter ID law. How about some help over here in Wisconsin, while you guys are at it?

Not even Erick-Erick likes SOPA. He's normally a real big fan of really bad ideas.

Looking at a brown Christmas (like me)? Blame global warming.

Donald Trump's headline-trolling continues.

Finally, Mittens is a Welfare Queen.

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