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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/11/12

Got a call yesterday from a buddy vacationing in Florida. I heard seagulls. It was horrifying. Now here's the news...

Talking Points Memo has a photo gallery of things that aren't as steep as Rick Perry's plunging poll numbers.

Note to first-term Republican Rep. Diane Black: don't try to claim the House isn't in recess while talking about how you went on recess.

As if the recall weren't enough trouble, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is accused of over 1,000 campaign finance law violations, which could cost him over a half a million in fines. Once again, I point out that voter ID won't solve election fraud problems -- but getting rid of Republicans will.

Warren Buffett is once again awesome.

Gingrich walks back his criticism of Mitt Romney's corporate predator past. The brief Gingrich flirtation with reality is over -- for now.

And so Newt goes back to favorite themes: frootloop paranoia about the Homosexual Menace and a war on Christianity.

How do you prove that voter fraud is a big problem? If you're stupid, you commit some voter fraud and make sure you get it one tape.

The clown show effect strikes again; waning GOP enthusiasm was as evident in New Hampshire as it was in Iowa.

Finally, Herman Cain announces that he won't endorse anyone, as every single GOP candidate breathes a huge sigh of relief.

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