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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/21/12

OK, I'm back. I've still got a little work at the end of the driveway, where the snowplow got me last night, but otherwise I'm set. Luckily, we were spared the larger portion of the mess, which passed to the south. Now here's the news...

Nate Silver has Gingrich 8 points up as South Carolinians head to the polls, giving him an 82% chance of taking that state. A big part of the story here: Mittens sucks at playing defense.

And it's not just South Carolina. Romney's numbers are nosediving nationally, as Gallup has him down 10 points in one week. He's still in the lead, but the media's beloved "momentum" narrative is becoming a "stalled momentum" narrative.

All of this has to make Democrats happy, since Newt would be an astonishingly poor choice as his party's nominee. In fact, don't be surprised if Team Obama starts talking about Gingrich more than Romney. It'd lend Newt's campaign more legitimacy and drive the rabidly anti-Obama -- led by their jerking knees -- to Gingrich. It's what I'd do, anyway.

Huckabee goes birther.

Many on the left want to make the Citizens United ruling a campaign issue, drawing parallels to Romney's Bain past.

Some of the Justice Department's evidence against Megaupload is sketchy. Meanwhile, people who used the service to store legit files are screwed -- making government anti-piracy efforts even less popular than they were before.

Ghosts on the campaign trail; top billing on South Carolina's Republican Primary ballot goes to Michele Bachmann, followed by Herman Cain. They'd already qualified for the ballot before they dropped out and the names are listed alphabetically.

Finally, the three little words every Republican candidate has so much trouble saying; "George W. Bush."
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