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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/23/12

You know what's not fun? Shoveling heavy, wet slush. That is not fun. Now here's the news...

Rick Santorum really is just an awful person.

Washington state apparently has enough votes in the legislature to pass a marriage equality measure.

Sen. Rand Paul's TSA misadventure goes off the rails into crazy conspiracy theorizing. When you've been handed a golden ticket to make a good point, don't fuck it up with tinfoil hat crap.

What do you call it when an Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate's cat is killed and "liberal" is written on the remains' side with a Sharpie? Terrorism. It is the very definition of the word. The person who did this is terrorist scum -- it's completely undeniable. The right, normally eager to dive on any story with even the hint of terrorism, is unsurprisingly silent on this one.

Embryonic stem cells successfully treat a certain kind of blindness. Why does God hate people's eyes? Probably because seeing a certain Indiana license plate will totally turn you gay.

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois suffers a stroke. According to doctors, a full mental recovery has a "good" chance, but the odds on the physical side are "not great" -- it may cost him the use of his left arm.

Mitt Romney says the economy is "getter better" under Obama. Expect a big backpedal, because telling the truth is not the way to win the Republican nomination.

Finally, expect more arrests as a result of the Justice Department's John Doe investigation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's administration. Recall fever may become epidemic.

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