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Monday, January 09, 2012

Stories to Watch: 12/9/11

Just baked my first loaf of post-holiday sourdough. The starter seems to be back up to full power after my pancake-a-thon -- maybe even better than ever. Now here's the news...

Has Romney underestimated how vulnerable his Bain past makes him? It looks that way.

James Hormel, the United States' first openly gay ambassador, does not have fond memories of Rick Santorum.

Allen West comes this close to suborning treason.

Grover Norquist Club for Growth has noticed Newt's lurch to the left. King Grover is displeased.

Meanwhile, Jon Huntsman goes way lefter by promising a round of trust-busting on big banks.

Fox News comes right out and says they like to see job losses.

Facing the deadline, Wisconsin dems are asking recall petitioners to turn in their paperwork. The deadline is 17th, which means they almost certainly have enough. Otherwise, there'd be an urgent plea to keep gathering signatures until the very last minute.

The latest GOP candidate to be before the individual mandate before he was against it: Rick Santorum.

Finally, this is an actual headline: "Psychic monkey devours Gingrich’s banana." Get your mind out of the gutter.

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