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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/29/12

Shorty today. It looks like a fairly quiet weekend -- at least, outside Florida. I finally got Zemanta back. Turns out they've vastly improved their bookmarklet. When there's a choice between an add-on and a bookmarlet, always take the bookmarklet. Trust me on this one; you'll have a faster browser. Now here's the news...

Mitt Romney collects more money from the five biggest banks than the entire presidential field -- combined.

And all that money's finally bought him a big lead in Florida. Herman Cain's endorsement won't be enough to turn the state around for Newt. Nor will the work of Sarah Palin. In fact, at this point Mittens would have to actually die or something for the lead to switch back. Gingrich is the de facto candidate of the Tea Party and the religious right and, once again, I marvel at how little influence those two constituencies actually have over Republican voters.

Mittens is really, really rich.

This is screwed up: NBC asks Romney to pull an anti-Gingrich ad, because it features Tom Brokaw delivering the news about Gingrich being fined and booted from the speakership. It's an entirely accurate ad, nothing' taken out of context, it's just a freakin' quote. If Romney doesn't say to NBC, "Sue me," he's a fool. Campaign ads cost money and NBC doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Not only is this fair use, it's practically the definition of the term.

Finally, the use of social media to organize opposition to repressive regimes may be a thing of the past -- at least, if Twitter has their way.

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