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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/31/12

Freakin' hell it was warm here today. It got up to near 50. In Wisconsin. In January. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Now here's the news...

Tonight's the big night in Florida and things do not look good for Noodles.

Speaking of Newt, he has some seriously goonish security agents.

David Brooks wrote something stupid again.

Rep. Allen West, carpetbagger.

Related: Rep. Allen West, boob.

Sen. Chuck Grassley is an ass.

Polling shows that House Republicans' hostage-taking/obstructionist strategy to win the hearts and minds of the American voter hasn't worked out too awfully well.

Finally, Remember how Romney won the Iowa caucuses -- except later it turned out that Santorum did? Heads roll.

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