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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/8/12

There weren't any headlines yesterday, because I couldn't get to them. If you're ever jonesing for up to the minute stuff, allow me to plug suggest the Progressive New Must-Read Superfeed. You don't have a RSS feed reader you say? That's OK, use mine or follow the robot on Twitter. Now here's the news...

At the ABC News GOP debate, George Stephanopoulos lets Mitt Romney get away with a whopper. ABC needs to stop letting George moderate debates because, frankly, he's awful.

Team Newt isn't as inclined as Stephanopoulos to let Mittens' Bain years slide.

Another Romney whopper.

And while the media is saying that Mittens did well in the debate, it's clear he did a lot of lying.

He also suggested that only rich people should run for office. And Mittens won the debate? Really?

The religious right are flocking to Santorum's camp. Not extremely surprising, but I'd urge caution to anyone thinking they're seeing a split in the GOP -- remember all the "Social conservatives rally around [insert failed and abandoned candidate here]" headlines we've seen. These people are flighty, disloyal, and easily spooked.

MSNBC finally realizes that Pat Buchanan is a racist lunatic incapable of real world analysis. He's been "suspended indefinitely" from the network. And lo, there was a great rejoicing.

Finally, Romney's lead in New Hampshire begins to shrink.

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