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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/15/12

Have I plugged the Superfeed lately? Every item today comes from it, with the exception of the dog show story. I've come to rely on it. Now here's the news...

How completely insane are the CPAC wingnuts? This insane. Be advised, these are the people the GOP gets their marching orders from these days -- totally batshit-crazy nutjobs.

More fun with rightwing insanity: according to Fox, liberals want birth control as part of an anti-poverty genocide.

Iowa Republicans consider a completely unconstitutional total ban on abortion.

Rick Santorum comes out against the entire concept of health insurance. No, seriously. And this clown's polling better than Romney? Really?

An adorable little dust mop takes the top slot at the Westminster Dog Show. Not politics, but all work and no play...

The GOP is really serious about their suicidal stance on contraception coverage.

Mississippi Republican Becky Currie's plan to make undocumented people stink.

Mittens is both pro- and anti-porn. I'm pro-porn and booze and generally every vice that doesn't require a needle in your arm. It's what you call your "liberty." Seriously, look up the term "libertine" sometime. Pick the right side, Mitt. Embrace your pornographer funding.

Finally, embattled Wisco Gov. Scott Walker seeks to ride Obama's coattails. Tells you all you need to know about the way this "swing state" will probably swing.

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