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Friday, February 17, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/17/12

Friday. Too lazy to say anything else about it. Now here's the news...

As expected, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoes a marriage equality bill.

A judge denies Wisconsin Gov. Walker's request that the recall be delayed.

The GOP may find their contraception stance pretty expensive come election day.

To provide cover for that stance, at least one Republican resorts to just making stuff up.

It pays to remember that Pat Buchanan is just awful.

About that "failed stimulus."

It's starting to look like Romney's really in trouble and top GOPers are panicking.

Gingrich's Sugar Daddy isn't abandoning him quite yet. I'm not really all that surprised. No one expected Gingrich to win -- not even Sheldon Adelson. The billionaire 's contributions have been message money, not candidate money. He wants GOP candidates to talk about the things Newt Gingrich talks about. I mean, come one, the guy's a freakin' casino magnate -- he knows a losing bet when he sees one.

Finally, how insane is Rick Santorum? If he was telling the truth in 2008, he believes that Satan is using protestant churches to destroy America. That crazy enough for you?

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