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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/25/12

I haven't made english muffins for a while. I've got some starter that I have to use up, so maybe that's what I'll do with it. Now here's the news...

Rick Santorum says that wanting every kid to be able to go to college makes President Obama a "snob." In addition to the absurdity of this statement, we can add a little hypocrisy. Rick's old Senate campaign website promises the candidate is "committed to ensuring the every Pennsylvanian has access to higher education." What a snob!

Liberal activist plan to use Michigan's open primary to put Santorum over the top and sink Romney. Voter mischief generally doesn't work, but this looks like it's going to be a tight one, so you never know.

The bird flu probably isn't as deadly as we first thought it was.

The LA Times plans to put up a paywall. You can read 15 free stories every 30 days, which is probably more than I read it now. People in California might feel a bit of a pinch, though.

Finally, Newt "Make the Moon a US State" Gingrich thinks Obama's reference to synthetic fuels made from algae is "weird." It's probably a bad idea from a climate standpoint, but it can be done. This is more of an example of being contrary just to cook up an issue than anything.

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