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Friday, February 24, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/24/12

Cleared up some snow earlier today. It was wet, heavy stuff -- the kind that makes great snowmen but sucks to shovel. I should sleep well tonight. I try to think of it as good cardio. Now here's the news...

A nice catch by one of my web buddies Lordrag: Jeb Bush says he "used to be a conservative."

Regular fella Mitt Romney brags that he owns four cars.

Rick Santorum's doing better with female voters than most would've predicted. The most likely explanation; these ladies don't know Rick very well.

Nate Silver says that Romney will probably win Michigan.

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren both write op-eds in the Boston Globe. The subject is contraception coverage and Brown takes the losing argument. Even severely conservative and severely Catholic Pat Buchanan thinks the GOP is playing a losing hand.

Consumer confidence continues to rise, so gas prices aren't having that much of an effect so far.

Finally, the Dutch are none too happy with Rick Santorum. People who are running for president should probably avoiding sparking international incidents.

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