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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/20/12

Burgers. Grill. Satisfaction. Now here's the news...

Ed Kilgore shows why the GOP tried to take a second bite of the Ryan Plan apple: Tea Party types, who don't think it goes nearly far enough. Republicans have really put themselves between a rock and a hard place; if if a plan is sane, the Tea Party base hates it. If it's not, everyone else does. Good luck threading that needle, guys.

Also in Ryan Plan news: it would increase the deficit.

Illinois primary tonight. Spoiler alert: Mittens walks away with it.

Is Mitt Romney's dog Seamus really going to be an issue in the campaign? If the way the story polls tells us anything, the answer is yes.

A wingnut group claims that Wisconsin judges should not have been allowed to sign recall petitions and demands "disciplinary action" against 29 justices. Of course, the only difference between signing a petition and voting is that the former isn't anonymous. So no democracy for you -- if you're a judge. File under "stupid arguments made by sore losers."

Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns gets all birther again.

Adventures in ridiculous straw man arguments: gays want to take away straight people's right to vote.

Finally, one's a robot who desperately wants to be human, the other's a 12th century monk trying to make it in a 21st century world. Together, they are Javelin and Petrus.
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