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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/11/12

Welcome to "Stories to Watch" -- brought to you by Barney's Butt-Crack Balm and the Syrian Tourism Board. Now here's the news...

John McCain thinks it's unfair that President Obama would be mean to people who want to charge headlong into war with Iran. Keep in mind that this is a guy who's never voted against any type of military action ever. Someone needs to be mean to you, Senator. Your foreign policy toolbox is a little spare.

Also from McCain, he claims that Sarah Palin was "the best qualified" to be Vice President.

Kathleen Geier, who covers Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog on weekends, makes on observation on the gusher of advertisers leaving Limbaugh's show; it demonstrates that our poisonous national discourse is not beyond repair.

Even the hardcore Libertarian, Koch-funded Cato Institute says that President Obama isn't to blame for high gas prices. The words "supply" and "demand" pop up in their report. Note to Republicans and Fox News: you might want to look those two words up. They're really important in economics.

Some American psycho goes on a shooting spree in Afghanistan, killing at least 16 people -- including children. In response, Newt Gingrich calls for the withdrawal of troops from that country. You read that right.

Team Obama moves quickly to capitalize on the GOP's War on Women, which is bleeding women voters from that party.

Finally, a proposal for a new rule for legislators: if it's too gross to be printed in a newspaper, you shouldn't pass laws do it to a woman. Deal?

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