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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/10/12

RIP influential french comics artist Jean Giraud (AKA Moebius). He was 74.


The latest wingnut outrage-of-the-moment is dying a long and painful death. Breitbart's video of nothing wasn't hidden from the public (wingnnuts just suck at detecting sarcasm). And, was Professor Derrick Bell a "radical?" Not if you ask conservative blogger and UW law Professor Ann Althouse; according to her, Bell was "a highly respected Harvard Law professor." And Obama? "What I see in that video is a great and natural politician, not some hardcore radical," Althouse says.

Can we stop doing this now and move on to something real? Andrew Breitbart goes out with one last failed smear. Seriously, what about that is so surprising?


Gingrich puts down speculation that he may drop out if he doesn't do well in Alabama and Mississippi Tuesday.

In case you missed it last night (I posted it pretty late); Limbaugh's three-day misogynistic rant is sending a shockwave through the entire industry and is changing the way advertisers look at programs. Talk radio could be crippled as a result.


President Obama calls on congress to invest more in green energy technology. It almost certainly won't happen though, because creating new industries, markets, and technologies -- while becoming more competitive in the world market -- is obviously socialism.

He also calls for an end to oil subsidies -- clearly trying to flank the right on gas prices by tying them to big oil.


You have a Facebook buddy request -- from Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Paul Krugman is pleased that Fox News has labelled him a "menace to society."

Finally, Mittens is now the King of Guam.
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