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Friday, March 09, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/9/12

I'm feeling lazy tonight. Frozen pizza it is. Now here's the news...

This could easily be the stupidest thing Sarah Palin has said in her entire life -- at least, publicly.

The tradition continues after Breitbart's death: caught editing the context out of video again. I guess because that whole Shirley Sherrod thing worked out so well for them.

Ask yourself this; "What the hell is my tax money doing in Rush Limbaugh's pocket?"

You know, this whole Obama/Bell tape nothingness is making it a lot harder for the right to deny their own racism.

Are your gizmos acting goofy? This could be why.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker ain't doing so hot in the promise-keeping department.

What could push gas over $5 a gallon? According to Exxon's CEO, Republicans' crazy rhetoric about Iran.

Meet the Republican Abortion Tax -- because Republicans hate taxes so much.

Finally, bad news for the GOP; the labor market recovery is a real thing. Rooting against America turned out to be a bad call.

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