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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/15/12

I had some trouble with the tickers on my blogspot blogs, so I swapped them out for feedburner tickers -- which I don't actually like. Still, they'll do until I either figure out the problem or find a new ticker. I'll get to that either later tonight or sometime this weekend. No rush, these work -- they're just limited and weird looking. Now here's the news...

In 2001, the Justice Department's all-consuming obsession with pornography allowed the 9/11 plot to be overlooked. In 2012, Rick Santorum's big priority for the Justice Department: pornography.

Mitt Romney says it's OK with him if Puerto Ricans want to keep speaking Spanish. We'll see how the base likes that one. In comment threads, the buzz from wingnuts that I've been reading about Santorum's idiotic statement amounts to "Alright Rick!" Let's see if Mittens gets any blowback here.

One explanation for Mitt's foray into courage; Hispanics hate the GOP -- maybe more that the wingnuts hate Mitt.

Diane Feinstein takes up arms against the GOP's War on Women.

The right's continuing crusade against Sandra Fluke takes a new turn -- straight into fullblown antisemitism. Attacking Fluke isn't working, so it's time to attack her boyfriend and his family for their "left-wing, Jewish socialism." Great.

Try to bend your brain around this one; the Republican War on Women proves that Democrats see women as sex objects. I'm sure sillier arguments have been made in the past, but I'm kind of stuck to think of one.

Mitt Romney's done with debating. Seriously though, what could candidates possibly say that they haven't already said in the 45 kajillion other debates? You guys are going to have to make up your minds using the reams of information you already have. I'm not really seeing the problem in that.

Finally, Obama calls them like he sees them.

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