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Friday, March 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/23/12

Rainy. Like spring should be, It's been like early summer around here lately and it's got me more than a little worried. What is actual summer going to be like? Now here's the news...

If Sarah Palin's had a lasting effect on American politics, it's in campaigns going out of their way to make sure their VP picks aren't complete morons.

Democratic Wisconsin state Senator Jim Holperin announces he won't seek reelection. He's from Eagle River, which is way the hell and gone up by the Upper Peninsula. It's outdoorsman vacation country, so it's a mix of conservatives and environmentalists. That race could probably go either way. Right now, the senate is split 16-16, with the recent retirement of Republican Pam Galloway, so this could really put everything up for grabs. In case you're wondering, Holperin survived a recall attempt, so it's not likely that reelection trouble was the reason for the retirement.

Is Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman a flight risk?

Old and tired: "Obama is Hitler!" New and fresh: "Obama is Ahmadenijad!"

A new poll shows Santorum's lead in Wisconsin evaporated and Romney way ahead -- a complete reversal of earlier polling. The problem is that it's a Rasmussen Poll, so I'd take it with a healthy-sized dose of salt.

A new way in which the Republican's budget plan from Paul Ryan is just god awful.

Newt Gingrich disagrees with Newt Gingrich on biofuels.

The Obama campaign team embraces the term "Obamacare." I say we keep it forever. What if Medicare were more commonly known as "Johnsoncare" or Social Security was "FDRetirement?"

Finally, the recalls here in Wisconsin are overshadowing even the upcoming GOP primary.
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