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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/24/12

I'll be out tomorrow. I'm heading up to a small plot of land my mother has up north, to clean up after a tornado that hit last year (no one was there at the time). The big stuff has all been cleared out by lumberjacks or something, so basically we're going to pick up scattered trash. So updates will probably be few to none. Now here's the news...

Geraldo Rivera's son does not agree with his father that wearing a hoodie in Florida means you're asking for it.

Unless a Romney staffer compares their candidate to a dry erase board, Healthcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act will be the issue next week. Expect plenty of crazy talk from the right.

The current of history continues to flow toward tolerance. Sorry haters, but this is a losing battle for you.

Bill Maher's starting to sound a little panicky. The false equivalence doesn't help any.

The White House seems to be 110% behind Elizabeth Warren's run for the senate.

The US media has lost interest in middle eastern freedom movements.

People who comment on articles at Fox News are assholes.

Finally, no tacocopters for you. Which is probably a good thing. One thing you don't want in your obit is "Died when his plane was brought down by an errant taco delivery robot."

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