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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/27/12

Got the tornado mess all cleared up. I hadn't been up there since it happened. Man, it was devastation. A big wide path right through the woods. Oddly, my mother's trailer home up there was fine. It must've stopped right at her front steps. Now here's the news...

This is kind of surprising: a fairly decent majority -- 55% -- haven't heard about the Romney Etch a Sketch comments. This seems odd to me, since everyone but Romney -- Republican and Democrat -- has been pushing the story.

IMF chief Dominque Strauss-Kahn finds himself in another sex scandal after being charged with "aggravated pimping."

Santorum's latest ad takes fearmongering to a new low. Luckily, it's also so ridiculous that it's impossible to take seriously. As Steve Benen says, "I don't generally laugh out loud at these sorts of things, but Santorum's video is the most unintentionally hilarious video from a presidential candidate I've seen from someone whose name does not rhyme with Sherman Bain." Move over, Demon Sheep.

Dick Morris has finally snapped.

Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Walker barely leads his two most likely rivals, indicating a tight recall race. It also shows his ad campaign has gotten him nowhere.

Also in Wisconsin news, Mitt Romney may be ahead, but he's having trouble getting anyone's attention here.

For coverage of the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act, Talking Points Memo has healthcare reform feed.

Does working for an airline make you crazy?

John McCain -- probably correctly -- predicts corruption scandals in the future because of unlimited campaign cash.

Finally, conservatives would rather smear Trayvon Martin than admit that overly liberal gun laws are stupid.

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