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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/4/12

All that wet snow from yesterday is now ice. What a mess. I threw salt on my sidewalk and I could hear it crackle. Now here's the news...

Missed in all the contraception/Limbaugh/Fluke hullabaloo during the past few days; Rick Santorum's really having to do damage control for saying that urging Americans to seek higher education makes Barack Obama a "snob."

Although, on that issue of contraception, Rick doesn't seem to have learned a damned thing from the events of this past week.

In a sign that Santorum has been overplaying social issues, Ohio -- where he held a clear lead -- is now polling as a tie. The wise thing to do would be to compete with Romney on economic issues, but that's not why Rick ran in the first place. He ran to lecture America on gays and abortion and all that other culture warrior stuff. He's completely unprepared to do anything else.

And it's not just Santorum, the entire GOP has been backing social losers since the Komen/Planned Parenthood fiasco.

A new poll shows Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren by a solid, but not insurmountable, eight points. It was hard to tell where the race stood, because earlier polling had glaring flaws. The problem with facing incumbents is more than name recognition and the fundraising advantage (although, in this race, Warren holds the cash edge); many people ask themselves, "Does this guy deserve to be fired?" not, "Who's the better candidate?" Maybe Warren needs to make things less personal and talk about what happens if the Republicans take the senate. Or more personal and talk about Brown as the cosponsor of the wildly unpopular Blunt amendment.

Finally, voter supression doesn't get much more blatant than this.

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