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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/11/12

Mowed the lawn. I hate mowing the lawn. I'm going to get some sheep or something. Now here's the news...

Reince Priebus is about as smart as the last RNC chairman.

Rep. Allen West continues to be an embarrassing clown.

Obama's up on Romney in Colorado and North Carolina. NC's the big heartbreaker for Mitt -- the GOP primary has turned what should've been a gimme into a contested race he's currently losing.

George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin. The ACLU and Al Sharpton release statements. The quick take on both: the charges would never have happened without the public outrage.

And that outrage spills over. With their War on Women bills and the Martin killing highlighting insanely liberal gun laws, ALEC is starting to feel the heat -- and they're beginning to sound a little panicked.

Rightwing nut and head of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins says that Mitt Romney's only hope is to start sounding like Rick Santorum. See, because that worked out so freakin' great for Rick, right? That line about there being a fine line between madness and genius? BS. Perkins proves that crazy and dumb go hand in hand.

Wait, they sell McDonald's in some hospital cafeterias? WTF? Are hospital administrators trying to drum up business for the cardiac wing?

A new study finds that the more Wal-Marts an area has, the more members of hate groups it has. Where there are no small business people to provide civic leadership, less savory types step in.

Finally, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets his first official opponent in the recall -- on the Republican ticket, forcing a primary. It's a "political agitator" running as a "fake Republican." Payback's a bitch, Scooter.
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