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Monday, April 16, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/16/12

Dang, it was windy last night. Trees were waving around like dandelions. Now here's the news...

Survivors of the Virginia Tech massacre and their families call on congress to "put an end to this madness" of gun violence. Expect this to fall on deaf Republican ears.

The big polling news of the day was that Mitt Romney had the slimmest of leads over Barack Obama in the first Gallup daily tracker for the general election. However, a CNN poll puts Obama up a very healthy 9 points, while an ABC/Washington Post poll has Mitt Romney with his lowest favorables ever. Beware the "tight race narrative," where the media only reports on polls that show a close race, in order to boost ratings. I'm guessing it'll be rampant this year.

Also from the CNN poll (pdf), 72% support the Buffett Rule -- which Republicans in their political wisdom just defeated. Note the pundit fail on this one; all this "class warfare" stuff is supposed to scare off independents.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling blocking voter ID. This means voter ID is dead until it hits the Supreme Court -- if they decide to hear it -- and won't be a factor in the recall elections. Just to remind everyone, Wisconsin's Constitution only allows two groups of citizens to be denied a vote: felons who haven't served out their time and the mentally incapable. People without the proper paperwork don't fall into those categories. Judicial activism is really Republicans' only hope here.

Polling has Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker up against his two most likely Democratic rivals, but he doesn't break the fifty percent mark. It's a slim lead and everyone's expecting a tight race.

One of the few less-than-welcome signs of a recovering economy: increased greenhouse gas emissions.

A dose of reality for the "government can't do anything good" crowd.

Finally, penguins don't like Newt Gingrich.

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