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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/21/12

It's the weekend. Go out and have fun. Now here's the news...

An example of the extreme intolerance of the religious right: Mitt Romney's scheduled commencement speech to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Seems that as a Mormon, Romney isn't a "true" Christian and has no business addressing "true" Christians. So, for those of you keeping track of these sort of things, either you're a Baptist or you're the enemy.

Which means that the Liberty U cultists will have a lot of enemies in the coming years; Pew finds that one in four people under thirty have no religious affiliation at all.

Ed Kilgore on state level Republicans and activists, Mitt Romney, 2012, and 2016: "[R]ight wing leaders don’t seem particularly invested in winning the presidency — at least not in 2012. Mitt Romney is not their candidate, and Barack Obama is the perfect fundraising and umbrage-inducing foil for right-wing fundraising and base-building for a wide-open contest in 2016."

You know how all this terrible class warfare stuff is supposed to be scaring businesses away from the US? Yeah, about that...

What's it like to get a transvaginal ultrasound? "Vigorously uncomfortable."

Weird. It turns out that Andrew Breitbart was not murdered by an Obama administration afraid of his lame-assed video. The rightwing version of Scooby and the gang will have to find some other mystery to chase around for a while.

Obama fundraising is down. Here's why that's not as much of a problem as everyone will say it is.

Finally, the Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight and, with a new moon. it should be an excellent night for viewing -- weather permitting.

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