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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/29/12

I'll be skipping the roundup this week. Between recall work and other projects, it'll have to go to the back burner. Also, tomorrow I'm heading up to help my mom at Tornado Central, so probably not much of anything for the day. Thursday, I'm heading out to canvass in the afternoon, so probably not much then, either. Now here's the news...

David Brooks wrote something stupid again.

Mitt tries to mitigate the damage a Washington scandal can do to his campaign. After a Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board resigned after leaking info to anti-labor folks, Romney scrubs all mention of adviser Peter Schaumber from his website. Why? Because Pete was one of those anti-labor folks being leaked to. It's not like he should fire the crook or anything, right?

Also in Mittens news; pretty much nothing he says is actually true.

The John Doe investigation of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Blagojevich... I mean Rod Walker... I mean Rodscott Blagojewalker turns to possible bid-rigging. Walker clams up about the whole thing, saying, "I can't talk about the particulars because I'm following those rules" -- meaning the "rules" of a John Doe investigation.

About those rules; ex-prosecutors say Blagojewalker's shoveling bullshit when he claims he can't talk about the investigation. "You certainly have a right to go out and defend your own reputation..." says one, "it's unlikely to me that the district attorney is advising Scott Walker not to say anything."

Finally, the rightwing blogosphere spent the day working themselves up into a lather over something everyone knows is baloney. Just like every day.
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