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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News Roundup for 6/12/12

Commie death from above

-Headline of the Day-
"Koch-Fueled Americans For Prosperity Plans Protest Against ‘Extremist’ Kids Flying Kites In Support Of Wind."

Commies will be flying kites and the Koch brother's front group Americans for Prosperity will be there! Because liberty.

See, the pinkos will be gathering at Asbury Park and Ocean City, New Jersey this Friday to use kites to prove that this so-called "wind" actually exists. According to AFP, "You heard that right! Friday is “Global Wind Day” and environmental extremists throughout New Jersey will be celebrating by flying kites at beaches along the Jersey Shore and calling for more and more of our tax dollars to be used to subsidize their crazy offshore wind pipe dreams!

"AFP will be going toe to toe with the environmental extremists to combat their radical agenda and tell the truth about the costs of offshore wind."

Utilizing free energy that's flying around us all the time? EXTREMISM!! If it doesn't belch smoke, the Founding Fathers would've hated it. Everyone knows that.

The hippies are spinning this another way, of course. "We’ll be gathering at a beach near you for a kite-flying rally and celebration of NJ’s offshore wind potential. Bring your family, friends and kites," says the Sierra Club. It's a good thing that this is just spin or "going toe-to-toe" with kids flying kites would seem a tad bit dickish and bullying.

But someone needs to stand up to these nuts who insist that wind exists. After all, everyone knows that only communists love kites. (ThinkProgress)

-OK, I think I see the Koch bros' problem here-

Not really the fault of kids with kites, though guys... (McClatchy)

-Bonus HotD-
"Burger King to introduce 'bacon sundae.'"

See, they were going to shoot customers through the heart from the drive-through window, but studies showed this was a healthier alternative. (The Sideshow)
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