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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stories to Watch: 6/18/12

Pretty much every possible decision SCOTUS could hand down on the Affordable Care Act. Also: many of the people who benefit most from Obamacare don't even know it.

GOP responses to Pres. Obama's new immigration policy are as nonsensical as they are self-serving. For instance, they claim Obama jumped the gun because they were going to do something -- despite the fact that they obviously weren't.

GOP Senate candidate Eric Hovde is just as big of a jackass as we've come to expect Wisconsin Republicans to be.

Were you one of the rightwing nutjobs who donated to George Zimmerman's legal defense fund? If so, you are once again proven to be a chump.

John King of is the next Fred Phelps. Not the first time I made that comparison.

"Debate Prep," starring John Kerry as Mitt Romney.

Is Gallup's sampling method out of whack?

Finally, Michigan gynophobes seem to be sparking a movement -- just not the one they'd hoped for.
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