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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stories to Watch: 6/19/12

Despite reports that Marco Rubio is off the list of possible running mates, Romney insists he's still in contention. In related news, a woman is probably out.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says he's waiting for Romney to come up with a position on children of undocumented immigrants before the party takes a stand on the issue. I wouldn't hold my breath. Mittens is really shy about controversy and my money's on him hoping for it to all blow over.

One of the many, many ways Republicans fail to actually support our troops. It's more than a slogan, guys.

If government is dysfunctional, blame Republicans.

Romney is being pursued by a giant foam-rubber birth control dispenser.

The familiar sight of throngs of Egyptians crowding Tahrir Square. Also, is Hosni Mubarak dead or not?

We've got to fire teachers, police, and firefighters. Cut foodstamps and government services. Slash Medicare and Social Security. But, for Republicans at least, there's always plenty of money to throw at nuclear weapons.

Finally, National Review isn't even pretending not to be racist anymore.
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