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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stories to Watch: 6/25/12

Four days smoke-free.

Brian Beutler pours cold water on the punditry's fun by pointing out that handicapping the decision on the Affordable Care Act is pointless horseshit. Ezra Klein concurs.

The ACLU are not fans of the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's "Papers Please" law.

However, total jerks are fans of Paul Ryan.

Antonin Scalia's shameful political rant, disguised as a dissenting opinion -- it's factually challenged enough to pass as a Limbaugh segment.

Republican voters actually love the stuff in the Affordable Care Act. This could be a problem for the GOP in the immediate future. Healthcare reform in the abstract is easy to attack. But if it goes down in the Supreme Court, everyone's going to find out what they've lost -- and they aren't going to be very happy.

On the subject of today's Supreme Court and the state of democracy, James Fallows kicks ass and takes names.

Republicans aren't even pretending that voter ID laws aren't about getting Republicans elected anymore.

Finally, congress is pretty damned crooked.
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