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Friday, July 13, 2012

News Roundup for 7/13/12

Romney with Olympic torch
Mitt Romney, managing to avoid burning down an Olympic stadium

-Headline of the Day-
"Let’s Have A Country As Good As the Olympics!"

Mittens Romney buttkisser Bob McDonnell hoped to get on the shortlist for running mate (no, it's not going to be Condi in a bazillion years) but using his Constitutional powers as Governor of Virginia to declare Romney's time at Bain Capital off limits. You may no longer think about Bain when considering your presidential options -- so sayeth Gov. Bob.

Buzzfeed reports, "Asked during a press conference here whether he thought Romney’s experience at Bain should be part of his 'record,' McDonnell shook his head and said 'No. No.'"

Which is weird, because Bain used to be the whole reason we were supposed to vote for Romney. "He hardly ever mentions his tenure as governor of Massachusetts," writes Ed Kilgore, "since some evil genie stole into the State Capital and signed health care legislation while Romney was presumably off creating a job or stopping an abortion or something. So if we’re not looking at Bain, what are we supposed to look at?"

The Olympics, Gov. Bob answers. Only the Olympics -- as if Mitt's the only person every to run one of those before.

"I gotta ask, has any candidate for president ever had a resume that shrinks during the campaign instead of expanding?" asks Kilgore. "If so, I can’t much remember it."

Romney better hope nothing comes out about his brief Olympic career. It's really the only thing he's got left. (Political Animal)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, you've heard about the "God particle," but what about the "Godawful particle?"

Click for animation

I don't know... Seems to me we've known that money is the root of all evil for a while now. (

-Bonus HotD-
"Son of liberal financier George Soros launches anti-super PAC super PAC."

At which point the universe collapses in on itself. (Washington Post)

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