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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stories to Watch: 7/17/12

Had to skip the roundup to pick up a bike wheel that was in the shop. I broke a spoke on it the other day, which sucks. Everything's good now, though. Now here's the news...

Steve Benen points out that Mitt Romney's reaction to the Bain outsourcing issue has been pretty much wrongheaded. Instead of denying he had anything to do with it, he should be defending the practice -- which is not indefensible within GOP ideology. At a certain point, he's not going to be able to run from the charge anymore. If this is any indication of the way the campaign is going to operate in the future, expect Team Romney to pick a lot of wrong hills to fight and die on.

Something that is indefensible are House Republican priorities for education.

Extreme rightwing nutjob Tony Perkins met with Mitt Romney about selecting a running mate. Rep. Allen West's name came up. Apparently, Perkins learned absolutely nothing from the Sarah Palin fiasco. As a liberal, I can't think of a better Romney VP pick than that lunatic. He makes Michele Bachmann seem levelheaded.

At this point, the only Republican who doesn't think Mitt Romney should release more tax returns is Mitt Romney.

One of my senators is a complete idiot and a ridiculous boob.

What makes Minnesota's Republican Party different from other states'? When they tried to cheat in elections, they got caught.

Mitt's campaign of lies continues by taking an Obama quote wildly out of context.

Rush Limbaugh's a clown.

Finally, Harry Reid talks post-election filibuster reform.
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