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Friday, July 27, 2012

Stories to Watch: 7/27/12

By watching the opening ceremonies for the London Olympics, I learned that Britain used to be like The Shire, only populated by Dickens characters. Then Sauron won and the world turned into smoke and fire, with giant One Rings in the sky. History comes alive! Now here's the news...

Mitt Romney's trip abroad isn't going very well at all. For example, Mittens repeats a rightwing lie -- right after the White House debunks it.

Eric Cantor defends Michele Bachmann's anti-Muslim witchhunt that so many other Republicans have had the sack to protest.

If you're worried that Mitt's not a "real" conservative, you can stop now -- Mitt's as paranoid as any talk radio nutjob.

Apparently, titty bars are a family value.

Yet another Republican bets against America.

Swing state Ohio seems to have swung Obama's way. Also, WeAskAmerica fibnds that Libertarian Gary Johnson pulls more than two percent in that state. If that number is anything close to what it is nationally, Johnson could be Romney's Ralph Nader.

The Church that Time Forgot.

Finally, "topic pods?" Can we get a gimmick-free debate here?
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